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about mary

Hi guys, I’m Mary! I’m the heart and soul behind Mary Rena Photography. And just in case you are wondering, Rena is my middle name.

So, where did the photography start for me? I'm not sure that it was just one 'aha' moment - I think it consists of numerous smaller moments. I was the typical college student who did not have a real plan besides getting the basics and figuring it out from there. I switched degrees about 4 times before settling on Fine Arts and Photography. For my senior project, I photographed a lady that was dealing with cancer, which had a personal connection as my Grandma had cancer, too. From there, I started second shooting weddings with a friend and shooting my own portrait work.  

I realized that capturing these fleeting moments of someone’s life is something that I wanted to do. I want to beautifully capture someone’s personality and the love that they share with the people in their life. 

My little fur babies! My boyfriend and I have 3 pets that make us a family of 5 and I love it! Taz and Pebbles are our brother and sister pair of dogs. About 2 years later, we found Dot, our cat, in the engine compartment of my car and she just became part of the family. I talk to all 3 every day and they all love treats and belly rubbing!

Give me a good book and I’ll be content for a whole day! I have always loved reading and am open to almost any kind of book. All I need is comfortable spot to get snuggled up and I can tune out everything else in the room.

I love the sound of rain. There’s just something about the sound of a steady rain on your roof and windows that is calming and the perfect background noise. However, living in south Texas, we’re not used to large amounts of rain so each one is something to listen for. 




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